CV and Drive Axle

Your vehicle’s axle must bear the weight of your vehicle (plus any cargo) and the acceleration forces between you and the ground. So when it comes to axle inspection, we are your source for professional, knowledgeable service-essential for the equipment that carries you and your family to wherever you need to go.

A drive axle is one that is driven by the engine. A drive axle is split between two half axles, with differential and universal s between them. Each half axle is connected to the wheel by a third joint-the constant velocity (CV) joint-that allows the wheels to move freely. This joint allows the shaft to rotate, transmitting power at a constant speed without a significant increase in friction and heat. CV joints are usually dependable, but, as is the case for all of your vehicle’s moving equipment, they do require regular inspection. An easy way for you to tell if you need to see us for axle repair is to go out to a large space (such as a parking lot), and slowly drive in tight circles. If you hear a clicking or cracking noise, you have a worn joint, and it must be repaired immediately.

We will have you back on the road, “click-free” in no time!

Call us today at (731) 885-3173 to schedule your CV and Drive Axle repair and replacement appointment. Or come by our shop located at 820 W Main St, Union City, TN 38261 near Union Auto Parts.

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