Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, for oil changes based on your individual driving habits and conditions, and have the oil changed accordingly. Typically this can range anywhere from 3000 – 7,500 miles.

We will perform an oil and filter change service which includes a new filter, 5 quarts of new oil, using the oil type recommended for your vehicle, including synthetic blend, high-mileage, or full-synthetic oil. 

We will top off your fluids and we will check other filters, including the air filter, cabin filter, and fuel filter. We also check your vehicle’s engine belts, hoses, and windshield wipers. As well as topping off all vehicle fluids.

An oil change and a new oil filter every 3,000 – 7,500 miles will protect your engine and extend the life of your vehicle. Call Hornby’s Garage to set up an appointment now!

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